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Looking for ways to increase profits, improve productivity and free up some time to enjoy your life?

Our programs provide a range of solutions that provide clarity and structure that will produce positive outcomes.

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About Craig O’Brien

Craig’s focus is on delivering positive and measurable outcomes to your business.
With 30 years of management and consulting experience he is a trusted advisor to his clients.
Skilled in sales, customer loyalty programs, risk management, process design and team building, Craig leverages his extensive experience in coaching ranging from small family operations to global organisations.
With extensive experience in coaching and mentoring within the Australian pharmacy industry, working in the areas of marketing, social media, finance, regulatory oversight and wholesalers his aim is to optimise and increase returns on your investment. To help bring clients visions to reality he has liaised with GMP facilities, TGA consultants, and Grants specialists to bring new products to market.
The owner-operator of several successful businesses in a diverse range of retail and wholesale Industries.
Master of Science in Industrial and Organisational Psychology with honours (CUNY).
Fellow of the Australian Risk Policy Institute.
Recognised as a “100 Best Global Coaching Leaders”.

SOL Community "Free and Collaborative"

The SOL Community is designed specifically to share quick solutions and thoughts to help healthcare owners and leaders generate revenues while increasing patient / customer satisfaction and health outcomes.

The SOL Create Program is a 90 day guided step by step blueprint designed to deliver positive and measurable outcomes for healthcare owners.
Created to establish a solid foundation that enables longterm sustainable growth in your business.

The SOL-Prenuers Co-Op is for top tier healthcare entrepreneurs who are focused on unlocking innovative strategies to help them reach their first, or next million dollar profit objective.
The SOL-Prenuers Co-Op is not for everyone, the members must be active participants and dedicated to positive growth in their business undertakings.
The Co-Op works with entrepreneurs to leverage their passion for innovation and the discovery of new opportunities.

Less stress, more time and improved business outcomes!

Our programs are designed to deliver positive outcomes for healthcare owners and leaders with the objectives of improving patient health outcomes and business sustainability.


You have worked hard to get to where you are today, don’t let fear stop you from taking the next step forward.
Can you clearly see the future you want?
Would working with like-minded positive and collaborative entrepreneurs boost your energy levels. Would having a sounding board for your ideas help?
We have the solutions and experience to help you to unwrap and design a customised solution for your business.



Unlocking new and innovative ideas with colleagues who have a shared passion to deliver positive patient outcomes provides an high energy environment that fuels participants to achieve even more.

Success by Design

Creating successful outcomes is achieved by leveraging a structured approach that provides an easy-to-follow process. More importantly the program is designed to have a dynamic evolution component that ensures great ideas are not ignored.
This ensures ongoing success by design. 

Making Changes

While change can be confronting and uncomfortable, well considered and planned shifts in processes and behaviours can unlock amazing results. Our clients discover a positive evolution in the customer experience, staff satisfaction and process design.    

Finding Balance

Very few healthcare owners and leaders have the work life balance they want in their lives. We work with our clients to unlock one day per week that they can invest in improving both their business and their lives. BETTER SOLUTIONS, BETTER OUTCOMES, A BETTER LIFE!

My Philosophy


Balance Coaching (Craig O’Brien) and its Clients create trust based partnerships that are subsequently extended to those who join our community.

Our SOL-PRENEURS Program helps our clients to identify their individual unique core values so that these can be incorporated into their business solutions.
Values based solutions and business decisions create a positive environment for healthcare patients, their team members and the service providers who support the healthcare provider in the delivery of its solutions.

Building patient or customer loyalty, is an essential building block that together we develop.
Attracting new customers, expanding the use of services, and with a selctive win-back of lost business, we drive positive business growth.

If you are too busy today to invest in yourself, your family and your business, the question is: “when will you have the time?”
To ensure we start this journey on the basis of “Trust” we offer a 30 day love us, or leave us guarantee.


“Do less, be more.”

Are you ready to be more?
You are here for a reason, take action now!

Marshall Goldsmith

” What got you here, won’t get you there.”

Craig O'Brien

“Better Solutions,
Better Outcomes,
A Better Life.”

Why Choose Us

It’s time to take action and to unlock the full potential in your Healthcare Practice and in your life.
We work with entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do and who care for those they serve.

Identify your core values and align these to everything you do in your business and personal life. Do this and success is guaranteed.

Live with passion and enjoy life but always make decisions that consider the facts. Always look at things from the other persons perspective, this is how you will discover new solutions and opportunities.

Look for balance in your life and invest in your customers, your family and as importantly invest in yourself. 


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